eCommerce through the ages

eFulfilment organised a customer day with “eF|fekt” and took a look at the future of eCommerce.

customer day

Ludwigsburg — eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH organised its first ever customer day here in late September. The event enabled customers to discover first-hand the highlights and new features of the company’s SaaS software: eF|CommerceEngine. In focus were the company's roadmap for the strategic and functional further development of its software, current and future developments in e-commerce, as well as discussions with experts from eFulfilment.


With the motto “eF|fekt — we live for commerce processes”, the guests of eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH arrived for the company’s inaugural customer day in September. Thomas Franke, eFulfilment’s CEO and founder, opened the event with a keynote address. One of his goals for the future is to work even closer with customers: “We want to be more open and communicate even more closely with our customers. By doing so, we will provide new perspectives and ideas for both sides.” He went on to review the company’s 14-year history, including its growth and the associated requirements. Above all, he explained, the ever-increasing merging of distribution channels is crucial for the future. eCommerce is becoming commerce.

Klaus Strumberger, Head of Professional Service, led the day as the host and gave a presentation about the structures and processes involved in project management at eFulfilment. Additional topics included the company’s strategic development and a roadmap for the eF|CommerceEngine, which was presented by Head of Development Gabriela Heyne, as well as a presentation by Philipp Schmoldt, Head of Solution Design, about insights into user behaviour and process efficiency. Finally, Michael Kuhn, Sales Consultant, talked about the possibilities for automated monitoring within the eF|CommerceEngine.

Presentations with perspective

The first guest speaker of the day was Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Jivka Ovtcharova, director of the institute for information management in engineering (Institut für Informationsmanagement im Ingenieurwesen), whose specialist field is “Virtual Engineering”. In her lecture “Digitisation – Disruption – Opportunities” she also discussed the transformation from eCommerce to commerce and the networking of all areas of life. She also shed some light on key issues related to the digital transformation and its consequences, as well as drivers of digitisation and the new megatrends. In conclusion, she explained how trade can be successful when based on the sandbox principle. “Jivka Ovtcharova deals with the same topics as us and our customers, albeit from a scientific point of view. Therefore, we were already aware beforehand that, thanks to her specialist knowledge, she would add unique value to our customer day” says Klaus Strumberger.

Another guest speaker, Madsen Schulte-Tigges, Managing Director of LIMAL GmbH, explained how the eF|CommerceEngine has been used by LIMAL for the past nine years. He has been involved in the mail order business since 1982 and shared his wealth of experience and the challenges he has faced in e-commerce with the audience.

In a nutshell: goal achieved! eFulfilment’s inaugural customer day was an all-round success that has stimulated extensive communication and networking among the participants. This has provided eFulfilment with a strong impetus follow this up with another event during the coming year.