eFulfilment renaming



Renaming eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH to ROQQIO Commerce Cloud GmbH

As of 05.03.2019, eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH was renamed to ROQQIO Commerce Cloud GmbH.

Since last year, eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH is already a 100% subsidiary of ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH. Its mission is to become the leading digital commerce solutions provider for midmarket brands, manufacturers and retailers. In order to achieve this, e-fulfillment expertise from e-commerce will be combined with the expertise and solutions of the sister companies Höltl and Futura Retail Solutions.

The renaming is the logical step to integrate the companies even better and to drive the brand education forward.

This measure does not change the existing business relationships and service offerings as it is merely a renaming and the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud GmbH enters the legal succession.

All known contacts, accounts, or e-mail addresses will continue to function as usual. In case of any changes we will inform you separately in due time.