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Influencer Board der eFulfilment beleuchtet künftige Aufgaben im eCommerce aus Kundensicht

Influencer Board

Ludwigsburg - At the end of November 2017, eFulfilment Transaction Services GmbH sent out invitations to attend the Influencer Board event in Ludwigsburg. Alongside trends and market requirements, the board discussed potential synergies and the transfer of knowledge, as well as long-term development opportunities for eFulfilment's CommerceEngine. With this move, eFulfilment is continuing to pursue its goal of being closer to the customer and therefore sustainably supporting its customers' business by providing added value. Three projects will shortly be presented that will be implemented in an initial release in 2018.


What are the current trends and market requirements for the e-commerce sector? What are experts saying, and what do users think? Which synergies are possible and expedient? For around six hours, employees and customers of eFulfilment met at the end of November 2017 at the Influencer Board event in Ludwigsburg. For eFulfilment, direct dialogue with customers and users regarding future developments is especially important. The board discusses which topics are to be picked up on, and which projects and extensions are to be implemented. "We are delighted that the idea of the Influencer Board is being so well-received by our clients and has met with such tremendous motivation to cooperate", says Klaus Strumberger, Division Manager for Professional Service at eFulfilment. "Even at the customer open day in September, it became apparent that there was a desire for even closer dialogue between ourselves and users, and the customers' specific industry experience and eFulfilment's many years of omni-channel expertise form valuable synergies.

The participants drew up a road map for the long-term optimisation and development of the CommerceEngine. The initial results were presented back in December during an online conference. The participants of this conference were the members of the Influencer Board and an extended circle of customers. Selected subject areas will continue to be developed further by eFulfilment employees and the various patrons from the customer group. The subjects embrace broad aspects of the CommerceEngine. One customer from each company acts as patron on all projects. The interim status is shared at regular intervals, with patrons accompanying the developments and providing their specialist input to generate valuable stimulus from the user and customer side.

The next local Influencer Board will be held on 26 September 2018, one day before eFulfilment's next customer open day. On customer open day itself, the patrons will then officially present their subjects and their results.