Cross-Channel Commerce

Network your purchasing worlds with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

Today’s customer wants an unrestricted shopping experience. Meeting this expectation means providing smooth transitions between online and offline channels. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud enables you to merge both retail spheres: combine classic trading channels such as fixed retail outlets, mail order business or call centre orders with the diverse opportunities offered by online trading. This enables you to create a continuous and innovative cross-channel concept which leaves no wish unfulfilled for your customers.



Online trading using branch stocks

Optimise sales opportunities for your fixed goods by selling your branch stocks through your online channel.


Integrating POS systems

Reconcile your stocks not only during shipping but also in retail stores — in real time.


Connecting POS terminals

Bring your internet trade to the point-of-sale — for instance, this allows you to provide customers in your branch stores with direct information online about individual products.



Order online, collect in store — allow your customers to browse independently and conveniently online, then test or try on the goods while receiving professional guidance at the store.



Order online, return to store — give your customers an uncomplicated shopping experience without time-consuming or costly returns processes.


Virtual shop floors

The space inside the shop is often insufficient to display all versions of every item in the range. With virtual shop floors, you can create additional presentation options in an innovative manner. Another service: customers order in the store; you deliver the desired goods directly to their home.


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