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The publisher frechverlag Stuttgart-based was founded in 1955 and is a market leader in the creative lifestyle domain in Germany. Around 1.800 products are offered through the company’s online stores. By using the eF|CommerceEngine the publishing company has not only optimised its end-customer logistics, which it immediately took control of in-house, but at the same time it has achieved an increase in customer satisfaction.

frechverlag improves the shopping experience through new end-customer logistics and optimises processes with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud (CommerceEngine) was used to lay the foundations for efficient eCommerce structures and a closed value chain. We devised customised solutions specifically for frechverlag so they could manage their own merchandise, enabling them to process end-customer orders quickly and successfully, and to handle complimentary and review copies.




„We found a solution which could be customised to meet the particular requirements of the publishing industry and which we have been able to use to tackle technical challenges in a flexible manner.

Saskia Templin
Director Online



Optimise more than just purchasing with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

In order to deliver more quickly to customers and to be able to track logistics processes internally, frechverlag opted for a system optimisation. To handle the complex requirements posed by their end-customer logistics, a centralised software system was needed to cover all the latest commercial processes. A task which the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud (eF|CommerceEngine) was able to handle perfectly in its function as an order management system. The system was able to resolve all outstanding problems, exploit additional sales channels and improve customer service. The intention is to connect the software to additional marketplaces. In addition, a new option was provided which enables the customer to select gift wrap as their packaging material.

A control centre for all processes

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud has a real time interface which controls the exchange of data between the process engine and the online publishing house software Pondus. During this process the engine refines the information from Pondus to make it available in a suitable form to the customer. This enables the shop to obtain product master data, stock levels, shipping information and other important data from the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud with no time delays. Staff at frechverlag simply have to maintain product data, including author information, in a single central location.
“We were looking for a software system which would function as a central interface to connect the online shop, logistics, resource planning system and payment service providers”, says Saskia Templin, Director Online at frechverlag. “With the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud we have found a solution which can be adapted as if it was tailor-made for our requirements.”
The detail at frechverlag lies in the product types. Alongside stock-managed items, there is also a need to deal with pre-orders for new publications, bundles and digital products. Depending on the product type the online shop has to have recourse to other processes.

Authors and free copies are a particular challenge

In the publishing sector there are a huge variety of new requirements: for instance, authors are included as an additional factor and linked accordingly with particular products. Thanks to the open nature of the technology and the variety of interfaces offered, it was possible to create an option in the eBusiness software to handle author details. The sales process for digital goods and the shipping service now also run more smoothly for frechverlag.
In addition, ROQQIO developed bespoke approaches in other areas: processes for managing free copies and for providing review copies. The items taken from in-house storage for marketing purposes must not appear in the sales report, but they must still be traceable. With the help of an additional sales channel, we created an expedient solution.
Supplier re-orders are also handled via the engine. Since the platform can be scaled up as required, frechverlag is also equipped for future with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud.




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