ROQQIO Commerce Cloud – Always well connected

Only those who keep the big picture in view will enjoy success in eCommerce. For us, this includes comprehensive project consulting and an analysis of your existing system architecture. The result: a seamless integration of our solution into your infrastructure.

Using the available interfaces, you can connect our eBusiness software to your ERP system, your PIM application or to a CRM software solution. It’s also just as easy to integrate external sales partners, technology providers and marketplaces. Another advantage of the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is that we separate constantly changing interfaces and processes from each other. This means that in future you will no longer need to deal with modifications to internal systems as a result of knock-on effects.






Interfaces to technology partners

  • Interfaces are available immediately.

  • Integration is fast and straightforward.


Interfaces to marketplaces and sales partners

  • Configuration is simple and requires only a few steps.

  • Interfaces meet the highest technical standards.

  • We are constantly updating interfaces to marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

  • Other marketplaces can be permanently linked up as supported systems without any problem.


Open API

  • Based on XML and REST.

  • All relevant documents can be accessed in real time.

  • Main objects can be created via API.

  • A comprehensive integration layer and standard interfaces are included.


Import and export interfaces

  • Import and export via CSV possible

  • Convenient and easy configuration via the user interface

  • Interfaces enable rapid data exchange