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Keller Sports has been working with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud multi-channel solution since 2011 and thus benefits from automated e-business processes. Thanks to the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, day-to-day workflows are carried out largely without manual intervention, leaving Keller Sports free to focus on individual consulting when opening up new markets.

Keller Sports switches on to multi-channel with ROQQIO Commerce Cloud

As the leading sport e-commerce provider, Keller Sports has specialized in premium products for running, outdoor pursuits, fitness, tennis as well as winter sports alongside a corresponding consultation service. With this business model, the company was able to establish a loyal customer base within a short period of time. Following successful expansion and growing demand, it could be seen at an early stage that for Keller Sports only an extensively automated process engine for e-business can support the concentration on sophisticated customer support.




„The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud makes it possible for us to further display our strengths in individual consultation and to focus fully on the challenges of day-to-day business without any distractions.

Florian Otte
CTO at Keller Sports



Comprehensive software solution for internationalization wanted

In 2010, Keller Sports took the decision to change to a comprehensive e-business solution. The goal was to merge all of the sales channels as well as the extensive item management for the international online shops in one single solution. Other requirements were easy, largely intuitive operation as well as a multi-language user interface. In their search for the right software, Keller Sports compared all common offers on the market and opted in the end for the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud.


High automation rate and reduced expenditure

In day-to-day business, the centralized maintenance of stock list, catalogue and price data has proved to be a particularly positive point. The employees of Keller Sports access emails, orders and customer data via a central login. All international offers can be centrally managed. Even without any extensive trainings, all administrative employees – irrespective of whatever their respective mother tongue may be – are together able to achieve quick solutions even in relation to larger rollouts. The intuitive design of the user interface as well as the automated transmission of the processed item data to third-party systems also contribute in this regard. The convenience factor is not just restricted to the automation of processing and maintaining the pure master data but also includes complete control of payment and logistics.

Open design of the engine for further connections

Even future in-house developments at Keller Sports were taken into consideration when selecting the system: As the Engine is a technology-independent e-business solution, it can be connected to established third-party systems via the extensive API without any great need for adaptation. In 2016, the INFINIA iPAD cash register system was therefore fully connected to the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud by Keller Sports themselves. Item, customer and inventory data is exchanged synchronously via the API. The cost and expenditure associated with this were low: Within two months, Keller Sports had developed the requisite calls by themselves to allow the systems to communicate with each other. As a result, the customer can collect the goods they ordered online from the recently opened store in Munich and pay for them directly. He/she can also order in store and have the items delivered to his/her house. As the systems communicate in real time, there are no interruptions in the process. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud has thus further reduced Keller Sports’ administrative expenditure.



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