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The household goods trade discounter KODi is modernising its branch concept and using the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud to network around 250 branches and its own online shop to create a cross-channel retail ecosystem. Since October 2014 the company has also been offering its customers an online shop and gradually transforming itself from a brick-and-mortar business into a multichannel trader. The aim was to integrate the online shop into the existing infrastructure with as little upheaval as possible. The shop would be linked in the same way as a physical store – and any processes and adjustments could remain as streamlined as possible.

With the reliable ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, KODi is implementing highly automated, cross-channel purchasing processes

By the end of 2015, almost all of KODi's more than 250 branches will be embedded in the new store concept. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud acts as a central interface between the online store, retail branches, logistics, the ERP system and the connected payment service providers. As a highly automated, powerful e-business solution, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud forms the technical background for the new, cross-channel shopping experience.





„The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud
is our interface, 
for networking the static and online business efficiently and allows us to offer customers comprehensive multi-channel-services.

Marcus Dege
Section leader Multichannel



Optimisation requirement

The cloud-based Engine is a highly automated, powerful middleware platform for online trading. For KODi, the system supports the seamless exchange of relevant information, such as order information, product data, stock levels and prices, between internal and external third-party systems. Thus, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud not only harmonises the processes between online store, branches, logistics and payment providers, but also paves the way for new cross-selling potential, such as the Ship2Store option: the customer browses and orders on the internet, but collects the goods directly from a KODi branch of his/her choice.
If the customer's positive online shopping experience is extended into the retail store, extra revenue is often generated when the goods are collected. This is a good example of a successful interaction between online and offline trading; KODi is making full use of this sales potential with its new feel-good strategy.
Other mission-critical e-commerce processes, such as cross-channel returns processes or the management of distributed storage sites, are no longer a problem thanks to the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud.

Smooth integration

Thanks to its lack of technology bias and large number of interfaces, integration of the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud into KODi's existing system environment was a smooth process. Another advantage of the new e-business middleware: integrating the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud required neither increased IT investment nor costly employee training.

Cross-channel shopping

While the modernisation of its retail store concept is currently the main focus for KODi , other key areas of its corporate strategy include long-term expansion, continuous quality improvement and revision of its product range. Since the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is fully scalable, the specialist housewares discounter is ideally equipped to meet the growing needs of its cross-channel trading strategy.




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