The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud as a dependable foundation for your logistics and shipping processes

Whether using diverse sales channels, drop shipping, distributed warehouses or large shipping volumes — the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud reliably maps even the most complex logistics and shipping processes. Our solution's specific advantage: whether you deliver yourself or send your merchandise through a fulfilment service provider, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud gives you access to all conceivable shipping options.








"Our ROQQIO Commerce Cloud automates your logistics processes, in the warehouse as well as in branch"

Max Kienle
Team leader Solution Design

In-house logistics

Use your internal storage and perform in-house order picking with the help of the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud.


External fulfilment service providers

Create more space for your core business and commission a trusted external fulfilment company to carry out picking, shipping and returns management on your behalf. The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud delivers orders completely or partially to the service provider and receives the shipping status. Without needing additional manual intervention, the shipping process is mapped even as far as your service provider's systems.


Receipt of goods

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud supports you with procurement and receipt of goods. It doesn't matter whether you're in the traditional mail-order business or pursuing a complex multi-channel strategy — our solution maps all channels and large shipping volumes without problems.


Multiple storage and direct-to-purchaser goods

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud lets you optimally structure your warehouses and control your orders — for stocks from your brick-and-mortar shops and order goods from your virtual warehouse. This applies whether you keep logistics completely in-house or employ a third party.


Pick-pack-ship process

Use the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud to control your pick-pack-ship process and ensure a fast flow of goods from warehouse shelf to dispatched parcel. Optimised routes and automated picking processes allow you to you accelerate your shipment operation, ensuring optimum resource utilisation and satisfied customers.


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