Multi-Channel Commerce

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud brings you into the world of multi-channel commerce

Whether online in the web store, on marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, personally in the shop or talking to a call centre agent, each customer has their own personal idea of a successful shopping experience.
So don't wait for customers to find you: approach them directly and offer a rich shopping experience across all sales channels.



The versatile modules in the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud provide you with all the necessary resources for cross-channel product placement and a smooth flow of goods. This allows you to put your individual multichannel strategy successfully into practice — no matter where your goods are stored, ordered or delivered.

The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud sophisticated multi-channel management includes all the tools required to control your sales channels.



Online shop

Free choice of your own online store
The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud gives you complete freedom in the choice of your online store. Accept no compromise: use the precise system that allows you to perfectly implement your particular needs and create the highest quality eCommerce operation.



Greater reach via international marketplaces
Increase the reach of your business by integrating online marketplaces which give you access to many more customers than can be reached via just your own online store.

As well as supporting Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud also lets you connect with numerous other marketplaces.


Exclusive sales channels

Product placement in exclusive sales channels
Collaboration with major trading partners, such as Otto, opens up promising sales potential without the competitive pressure of the online marketplace. Trading platforms connected with the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud include and Versandhaus Walz.




Connection to the in-store retail trade
Integrate your store network seamlessly and benefit from additional sales channels and new customer groups while strengthening the relationship with your existing customers.



Call centre

Straightforward call centre integration
Offer a customer-friendly bonus to those who prefer the personal contact of ordering by phone rather than online.


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