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The PICARD online store will be launched in January 2012 on the company's website with around 1,000 PICARD products for sale. With sufficient capacity, the orders placed in the web store will be serviced by authorised brick-and-mortar retailers.


PICARD integrates static partners into the e-commerce process

Over 80 years ago, during the company's first years, Edmund Picard used to transport his sample collection to Offenbach on the front and rear racks of his bicycle. These days, PICARD presents its new collections of handbags, backpacks, accessories, business and travel bags quarterly. The new strategy: integrates static partners into the e-commerce process.







„We've put our faith
in the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud
it's specifically designed
for multichannel commerce
and is future-proof.

Oliver Quell,
Manager E-Commerce
PICARD Lederwaren



PICARD integrates static partners into the e-commerce process

In Germany alone, leather goods are available in over 200 shopping centres and in self-managed shops in 15 countries. PICARD ist noch heute in Familienbesitz und die Produkte der Marke finden internationalen Absatz. PICARD remains a family-owned business whose branded products find international markets.

Multi-channel-focus with partner integration

"We're not leaving our partners, the brick-and-mortar retailers, out in the cold," says Oliver Quell, E-commerce Manager at PICARD, explaining the company's MC concept. E-business should be a joint venture; its success should be shared by everyone. PICARD's strategy ensures that goods ordered from the web store are shipped by the retailers, thus providing them with an additional source of income. The web store's administration as well as all e-business processes remain under company control.

Demand for a flexible and straightforward solution

This goal ultimately shapes the technological requirements: flexible solutions are needed which enable cooperation between e-business and retail. Getting into e-commerce should be straightforward; its long-term operation needs to be uncomplicated. "In order to avoid time and personnel overhead, we need solutions that keep our business processes streamlined," says Quell. "So we were looking for an enterprise resource management system that covers all areas of e-commerce and can be extensively automated. In the area of logistics, the chief selection criterion was the capability to connect to and involve our retailers." This "collective work" is made possible through the use of two technologies: our ROQQIO Commerce Cloud and the g.a.x. system from gaxsys GmbH.

Integration of static partners

Data maintenance, order and logistics management, follow-up processes: in the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, PICARD maintains all item data for its e-commerce products and manages its customer management and accounting processes. With an automation rate of up to 90 percent, all processes run largely without any manual intervention. Because the platform is technology-independent, the integration of third-party systems into the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is possible without major adjustment. As standard, the eFP provides interfaces to the OXID shopping system as well as current payment service providers. Connection to the PICARD online store and its payment services (PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and SaferPay) functions smoothly and guarantees trouble-free import/export and fast processing of all data from launch. The interface to the g.a.x. system is also created by eFulfilment, enabling the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud to automatically manage all warehouse routing and to allocate orders to the most suitable warehouse. The listed warehouses include all retail branches that are connected via g.a.x. as well as PICARD's own facility. In the first step, the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud integrated logistics management system forwards the incoming orders to the g.a.x. system, whose web-based interface gives retailers access to the orders. If an order cannot be fulfilled, e.g. for inventory reasons, a cancellation message is sent from the g.a.x. system to the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud, which then allocates the order to PICARD's own warehouse. The customer receives an order confirmation by e-mail which is sent automatically via the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud CRM module.



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