Outstanding data protection for your eBusiness-software




Highest security level for personal data

Our eBusiness software is highly flexible and so is suitable for a wide variety of applications. In each of these scenarios we are constantly vigilant when it comes to complying with data protection legislation. TÜV Saarland [German technical inspection association] has awarded us “certified data protection” status for our secure handling of personal data within the ROQQIO Commerce Cloud. As an eBusiness technology provider, we follow the provisions in the European General Data Protection Regulation, the recommendations from the data protection officer for the Federal Republic of Germany and also standard market best practice in line with the latest technological developments. The need to handle and protect all personal data with the greatest care across all eBusiness and logistics processes is a self-evident part of our corporate philosophy.



Secure eBusiness-software: We protect your data and systems with the help of:

  • The very latest firewall technologies and concepts
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Automatic defence via intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Virus scanner for import files and emails





Physically sealed servers

Our ROQQIO Commerce Cloud runs on servers located in a sealed security area which can only be accessed by authorised staff using 2 factor authentication. Naturally the entire area is protected with an alarm and video surveillance. Evidence of data centre security comes in the form of Class 3 certification from TÜV and ISO27001 certification.

Permanent data security

It is a fundamental principle for us that your latest data should be secure on an ongoing basis. We have developed our own data security concept to ensure continual periodic backups of the Commerce Cloud. Your data, including any modifications, is constantly archived over a defined time period. If required, the data can be restored at any time.

High performance for constant availability

Our ROQQIO Commerce Cloud works around the clock – just like your eBusiness. Our systems run on the very latest high-performance servers and blade server systems in a sealed, air-conditioned server room. All critical components are designed with redundancy in mind. This should ensure that everything operates smoothly, even if there is a hardware fault.

An overview of the most important security features:

  • Redundant high-performance servers
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and emergency power generator
  • 2 factor access control
  • High speed connection to the internet

All ROQQIO Commerce Cloud systems are checked minute by minute from multiple locations around the world by independent third parties. This is done from Frankfurt, London and New York, amongst other locations. This ensures that our systems are always available. Our test results show that we have a current average annual availability of 99.9 percent.